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Week 14

With the final week of this class upon us, it’s amazing how fast time as gone by. It is now 3 days until Christmas, but is seems like yesterday it was summer and classes had just started. While I did take this class as part of the web development program here, I’ve made the decision not to continue on with it. While 9 credits seemed like a piece of cake when I was a full time student, now that I work a full time job along with some side projects, it is simply too much for me to keep taking classes. Luckily I was told about the non-credit UX Design certificate offered by WCC which is more of a professional development course as opposed to actual college courses. While my plans may have changed in the past six months, I do not regret taking these classes, especially this one as it was a lot of fun to go from simply using Photoshop to edit to now using it for creative purposes.


Week 13

The collage project is finally finished. It certainly was an enjoyable experience putting it all together. Since I had came into this class with some knowledge of photoshop already, the previous two project were somewhat easier. However, this collage project was a completely new endeavor for me. I did not even know that Photoshop had a video editing feature. Granted, it is nowhere near the capability of Premiere, but it is not meant for editing a movie together. Since I did not know any of the tools I was using for this project, all of it was a new learning experience for me. Even knowing how to edit video beforehand did not mean anything, as this was an entirely new way of editing.  Out of all of the project I did, this one was my favorite.

Week 12

With the new Star Wars movie coming out soon, I was re watching the old movie and had noticed the countless changes that George Lucas had done to his original films. George Lucas has asserted that the changes were what his “original vision” for the movies were and that he could originally make them how he wanted because of technical limitations of the time. Many fans are upset with the cuts, finding them distracting and unnecessary. While I do appreciate HD up conversions and fixing minor technical glitches that become more apparent with the upconversion. Adding CGI animals and changing who’s shooting who in a scene distracts me, and doesn’t put me in moment of the movie.

Many artist feel that their creations are never truly done. And undoubtedly, George Lucas takes these feelings to an extreme. A good storyteller keeps his audiences engaged, not distracted. While George Lucas may have felt that now his movies are closer to his artistic vision, he has alienated millions of fans in the process.

Week 11

Recently a co-worker of mine told me he was going to New Orleans for New Years and wanted to know of some good places to go since I had been there back in 2014.

I was reminded of a great art marketplace where local artists on Frenchmen Street, which is a street filled with lively music and bars. While I’ve been to art markets before, this one really had its own charm, which is something I could say about New Orleans as a whole. Some very unique artwork from paintings to sculptures were shown there. I would highly recommend visiting this art market to anyone taking a trip down to New Orleans.

Week 10

4KTV is quickly becoming a “thing” in the world of consumer televisions. Gone on the days where SD (Standared Definition, old broadcast TV quality 480i) and ED (Enhanced Definition, DVD quality 480p) televisions were the cheaper options. Now all TVs are High Def, with the cheapest being ones that only support 720p, and those are slowly phasing out too.

It’s exciting to see where things are going. While I do not believe that the 4K revolution will be as big of a deal as the HD revolution in the early 2000s, it’s still interesting to see how history is repeating itself, as well as how new technology makes things much different a decade ago.

I remember growing up with VHS tapes. What we could watch was what was on TV, what tapes we owned, and whatever we rented at Blockbuster. Quality was never much of a concern as we had not been exposed to HDTV yet. Sure DVDs looked better, but since everyone owned a square 4:3 television back then, any gained resolution was lost by the letterboxing, especially if the movie was filmed in panavision.

Video formats are always limited to how they are recorded and distributed. However, as internet streaming is becoming the standard, we are no longer limited to whatever the current consumer format is. As digital technology progresses, movies and TV will be recorded in a higher resolution format as well. 8K video is now becoming the standard movies from the major studios. 3D movies are also being put out as well. It is exciting to see where things are headed, given how much has changed in the past 10 years.

Week 9

Recently Apple launched its new smart battery case for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Reviews have been mixed and I’m not terribly impressed with it.

Despite that fact that I have always felt that the Apple products tend to be superior, especially for creative professionals. I’ve been feeling a wave of the disappointment with the iPhone lately. Apple’s trend has been for attractive, sleek, products. And they excel at this. However, especially with their phones, this attractiveness comes at the price of fragility and battery life. My iPhone 6 has a bend in it, even with a case. The iPhone 4’s screen, despite looking great, easily shattered if it fell to the ground. This new $99 case addresses battery life issues, as the battery has shrunk along with the phone.

Instead of a fancy new case. Apple needs to at least attempt to provide more functionality with their products. Nobody is clamoring for a thinner iPhone. Consumers want a rugged phone with a long battery life and if that means that the phone needs to be a little bigger, than so be it.

Week 8

As I am learning more in the this class. I’m noticing the finer points of graphic design that not everyone notices. Take WCC’s logo, for instance. It uses complimentary colors that we had learned about along with Adobe’s color wheel. It is a nice little thing, knowing the small details about the world that not everyone may notice. westchester

Week 7

As the digital media landscape expands, more and more amateur video producers are using music without proper licenses on video streaming sites like YouTube. Because of that, and as a result of many DMCA takedown requests, YouTube implemented audio scanning software that can detect copyrighted music and video in uploaded videos. In order to help users to avoid using copyrighted music they have a great library that has hundreds of royalty free tracks that can fit any mood. They also have sound effects and song that require an ad be placed. It’s a great resource and I am using it for my collage video project.

Week 6

Over the summer I went to Governor’s Island, which is public park off the coast of downtown Manhattan. While there, I found that an art show was going on in the old houses that remain on the island. The houses, which were formally used as military housing, had all been converted into art galleries. It all a part of the Governors Island Art Fair, organized by 4heads, and artists’ organization. All of the houses had different galleries. One in particular that found interesting was a house with sculptures made out of unusual materials. Below are some of the photos I took while there. IMG_2668 IMG_2667 IMG_2666

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